Brass/Nickel Plated RV Water Pressure Regulator with Gauge: Adjustable

This camper water pressure regulator will make camping out or staying in easier and safer. Just screw on the RV water pressure regulator and adjust it to the optimal pressure to your satisfaction, so you can enjoy perfect water pressure all the time.

HEAVY DUTY REGULATOR – Keeps your systems and pipes safe by reducing strain and preventing damage caused by high water pressure. Easily adjustable from 0-160 psi. Made from rust-free durable brass to ensure longevity and strength.|FEATURE PACKED – Outfitted with a Silicone Oil Filled Gauge which significantly reduces friction and vibration of internal components, prolonging lifespan and providing extra shock and corrosion resistance. A built-in Inlet Filter helps protect from blockage caused by debris, particles, and other impurities.|UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – Fitted with US Standard NH 3/4″ threads for use with most water source fittings. Simple instructions included for a quick setup.|COMPLETE KIT – Regulator comes packed in a sturdy cardboard box with durable foam together with a Screwdriver to easily adjust the pressure settings. Additionally, two extra Rubber Washers and a roll of Teflon Tape are included to help eliminate leakage.|1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY


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Water pressure regulator

Far exceeded my expectations, only to see that they sent 2 extra rubber washers and a baby flat head tool to adjust the pressure. Not a crappy flat-head tool but a decent one. Very impressed with there products.

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Likes: Easy transaction and it arrived on time.

Just what I needed. Excellent product


– STANDARD 3/4″ THREADING – The water pressure regulator valve has 3/4″ threads at the end which makes for optimal compatibility with all US water source fittings.
– STRONG BRASS – The Morvat RV water pressure regulator is made from heavy-duty brass to ensure strength and longevity. Choose between all-brass material or nickel plated.
– SCREWDRIVER INCLUDED – The camper water pressure regulator includes a screwdriver so that you can easily adjust the water pressure settings. It also comes with 2 rubber washers to stop any leakage.
– REGULATE WATER PRESSURE – Use the adjustable RV water pressure regulator to reduce strain on your pipes. You can easily adjust the pressure from 0-160 PSI.

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