Brass/ Nickel Plated Garden Hose Splitter, Heavy Duty 4 Way Hose Splitter

Instantly create four tap outlets with this ultra-durable 4 way hose splitter. It is easy to install and accommodates all standard water hoses.

Product Highlights

  • HEAVY DUTY BRASS – The all-brass construction ensures excellent durability to withstand high pressure and harsh weather conditions.
  • KEEPS LEAKS AT BAY – High quality ball valves for water tight shutoff and solid threading, guarantee that the 4 way hose splitter has a leak proof seal when closed.
  • EASY-TO-GRIP HANDLES – The handles have been updated, making them easier to grip and turn.


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  • EASY-TO-GRIP HANDLES – The handles on the garden hose splitter have been updated and improved, making them easier to grip and turn. The connections are unbreakable and built to last you through the years.
  • ADJUSTABLE FLOW CONTROL – You can use this product as a garden hose pressure regulator by simply adjusting the brass levers, giving you the perfect flow for cleaning the siding, watering plants or washing your car.
  • HEAVY DUTY BRASS – The all-brass/nickel plated construction of the 4 way hose splitter ensures excellent durability to endure high pressure and all weather conditions without breaking, rusting, or failing.
  • KEEPS LEAKS AT BAY – This water hose splitter is fitted with high quality ball valves for water tight shutoff and features strong threading for a solid connection, ensuring a leak proof seal when closed.
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL – Instantly create four tap outlets with this ultra-durable brass hose splitter. It is easy to install and will accommodate all standard water hoses (both metal hoses and other hoses), creating a tight seal on water outlets with either metal or plastic threading.


Unmatched durability equals superior functionality


Built to Last

Whatever the season, whatever the water pressure, this water hose splitter will ensure a reliable performance while substantially reducing the risk of failure or rust. If quality is your top priority, then you’ll love this 4 way hose splitter! Just like the old-school brass hose splitter that never seems to wear out, we’ve made ours using top-quality brass to ensure durability like nothing else on the market. Rest assured that you are getting the best hose splitter that will never need changing.


All about Convenience

The key to a reliable garden hose splitter is in the little details. We’ve paid a lot of attention to these, by creating brass fittings that won’t disappoint. This 4 way hose splitter features ball valves that ensure a watertight seal after shutoff. The top quality threading effectively keeps leaks at bay. No need to struggle with tiny, awkward levers – our levers are perfectly sized to make controlling the water flow easy, even for the elderly. Instantly create four independent tap outlets without needing to compromise on functionality. Also available as a 2 way hose splitter.


Here’s why you’ll love our garden hose splitter:

– Made using high-quality brass to prevent rust and breakage.

– 4 Shut-off valves allow for easily adjustable flow and pressure.

– Easily accommodates all standard hoses.

– Strong threading will effectively keep leaks at bay.

– Includes roll of tape and extra washers.


Satisfaction guaranteed

At Morvat, we pride ourselves on always guaranteeing our customers satisfaction. We want every customer to be 100% satisfied with their 4 way hose splitter. Any issues? Simply contact us and we will do everything possible to resolve it for you!

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