Color Changing Solar Lights For Outdoors - Plastic, 8-pack

Brighten up your outdoors with these beautiful color changing solar lights, supplied in a conveniently sized 8-pack. Enjoy using your garden at night without stumbling around in the dark, and have fun watching these multi color solar lights transform the skyline from black to red, green, blue, orange, yellow and white.

  • COLOR CHANGING – Morvat’s solar color lights for outdoor areas will add a magical effect to your garden, changing colors from red to blue to green and more.
  • SOLAR POWERED – Simply expose the color changing solar path lights to sunlight during the day so that they will light up at night.


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  • COLOR CHANGING – These color changing outdoor solar lights will introduce a beautiful view and magical atmosphere to your pathway or garden. Morvat’s color changing solar lights go from green to blue, red, orange, yellow and white.
  • SOLAR POWERED – Simply expose these colored solar path lights to sunlight during the day so that they will automatically light up at night.
  • BRIGHTEN YOUR YARD – Light up your outdoor areas with these beautiful colored solar path lights (13″ x 5″). As well as creating an enchanting atmosphere, these color changing solar lights will make it easier and safer to maneuver at night. 8 lights supplied per pack, enough to brighten your yard.
  • WATERPROOF – Morvat’s black plastic color changing solar lights are water and weatherproof. Specially designed for outdoor use and well sealed, you can confidently leave these color changing solar path lights out, rain or shine.


Morvat Color Changing Solar Lights

Morvat solar color lights for outdoors are the ultimate landscape lighting. Imagine these beautiful, sleek color garden lights lighting up your garden and pathway and casting a cheerful, charming and colorful glow.

Use these color changing outdoor solar lights to transform any outdoor area:

  • lighting up your pathways
  • around the edges of your yard
  • and even bordering your flower beds!

1 box contains 8 plastic multi color solar lights.

Color Changing Path Lights Features:

COLOUR-CHANGING LED LIGHTS: Introduce a fun and colorful glow with Morvat’s color changing solar lights to beautify and brighten your yard. You won’t need to worry anymore about stumbling around in the dark.

POWERED BY SOLAR ENERGY: Morvat’s solar color lights for outdoors never need to be plugged in or charged. Simply expose them to direct sunlight during the day and they will shine brightly at night.

BRIGHTEST LIGHTS: The color changing outdoor solar lights are lit up with high tech LEDs, the brightest lights there are. You won’t need to change bulbs ever again.

WEATHERPROOF: The colored solar path lights are made from plastic, so they are weatherproof and able to withstand rain, snow etc. Place them outside without worrying about the elements.


  • Material: Hard black plastic
  • Source: 8* LED RGB
  • Power: 0.2W/2V
  • Colors: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Orange/White
  • Battery: 1* 900mAh AA Ni-Mh battery
  • Includes: 8 lights/box

There is also an option for stainless steel color changing solar lights, if you prefer. Take a look at our solar ground lights or our adjustable solar lights for more excellent lighting choices.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Morvat, we pride ourselves on always guaranteeing our customers satisfaction. We want every customer to be 100% confident with their color changing solar lights. Any issues? Simply contact us and we will do everything possible to resolve it for you.