Adjustable Brass/ Nickel Plated Brass Hose Nozzle for Outdoor Use

Enjoy gardening more with your handy brass/nickel-plated brass garden hose nozzle. Simply screw it onto the end of your hose and begin enjoying control of the water flow without having to worry about it ever rusting, breaking, or leaking again.

DURABILITY: Made using heavy duty rust resistant brass, Morvat’s garden hose nozzle is designed to last. Experience a water hose nozzle that stands up to high pressure use without wearing out or breaking. This no frills water hose sprayer also comes with a conveniently gripped surface for easy use even when dealing with wet or muddy hands.|NO MORE LEAKS: The twist hose nozzle comes fitted with O-ring seals at the back and front for a watertight connection to prevent any leaks during shut-off.|EASILY ADJUSTABLE SPRAY: Cycle between a high-pressure jet, medium gentle stream, and fine mist by simply twisting this classic sprayer nozzle. A pressure tip effectively eliminates side spray.|FOR ALL HOME USE: Whether you want to water the plants, wash the car, clean the sidewalk, or spray down the drain, this one high pressure hose nozzle does it all.|100% MONEY BACK: We offer a 1 year product warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with the brass hose nozzle, we will refund your order or send you a replacement free of charge. We believe in our products and always stand behind them!


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– DURABILITY – Morvat’s brass nozzle is designed to last. It is made from heavy duty brass and is rust resistant. Experience a brass water nozzle which stands up to high pressure without breaking or wearing out. This no frills, economic brass garden hose nozzle is conveniently fitted with a gripped surface for easy use, even with muddy or wet hands.
– NO MORE LEAKS – The metal hose nozzle comes with fitted O-rings at the front and back for a watertight sealed connection, and to prevent leaks when shutting off.
– EASILY ADJUSTABLE SPRAY – Switch between a fine mist, a medium gentle stream, and a high-pressured jet just by twisting this heavy duty brass hose nozzle. The pressure tip also effectively eliminates any side spray.
– FOR ALL HOME USE – Whether you want to wash the car, water the plants, spray down the drain, or clean the sidewalk, this one adjustable brass spray nozzle does it all.

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