150 FT Expandable Garden Hose with Brass Connectors, 5500D

Gardening will be a dream with this flexible garden hose that contracts and expands to 150 ft, as you use it. No more bulky hoses, kinks or awkward dragging – with our expandable water hose, watering your garden will be a pleasure!

  • EASY AND MOBILE – Traditional garden hoses come with annoying kinks, awkward dragging,  and constant leaks. Morvat’s lightweight expandable Garden Hose easily eliminates all this hassle, making yardwork a dream.
  • DURABLE EXPANDABLE HOSE – This thick yet flexible garden hose can withstand water pressure of 4.2-15 bar & temperatures of 0°- 50° C.
  • NO MORE BULKINESS – This expandable hose is extremely lightweight, expanding and  shrinking automatically as water is used. No more dragging bulky rubber hoses around!


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  • EASY AND MOBILE – It can be a pain to use a traditional garden hose. The awkward dragging, constant leaks and annoying kinks  can make yard work a nightmarish chore. Eliminate all this hassle by using Morvat’s shrinking Hose.
  • DURABLE EXPANDABLE HOSE – The collapsible hose is designed to withstand temperatures of 0°- 50° C and water pressure of 4.2-15 bar. We have created the best expandable garden hose with a 5500D (24g/ m) thickest coverage  and a 3 layer latex core that measures 6 x 10 mm. Relax in the knowledge that your flexible garden hose will last.
  • NO MORE BULKINESS – This Expandable Garden Hose is extremely lightweight. When the water is turned on the hose expands  and when the water is turned off it automatically shrinks back to its compact size. Use this expandable hose so you won’t need to worry about dragging a rubber hose around any more.
  • ON/OFF VALVE – The expandable water hose has a Brass Connector with an in-built on/ off valve to conveniently reduce trips to the spigot. The corrosion and rust-free Brass Connectors also come with high quality Rubber Washers  to effectively keep the collapsible hose from leaking.
  • EASY TO STORE – The collapsible garden hose retracts to a fraction of its full size making for space-friendly storage .With Morvat’s expandable garden hose you can eliminate having a bulky coil hose filling up half your garage. Our compact design guarantees hassle-free and easy storage.


Enjoy the Most Hassle-Free Garden Hose Around!

Morvat’s Expandable Garden Hose

Use this mobile, lightweight and flexible garden hose to make your yard work easy, by doing away with the hassle that comes with dealing with a traditional garden hose. Innovatively designed, our collapsible hose expands to be 150 ft long when the water is turned on and contracts when you turn off the water.

Morvat’s expandable hose is made from long-lasting, high-quality materials so you can enjoy using it for years to come!


  • Easy to Use – This flexible garden hose expands when water is turned on and collapses when it is turned off, making it easy to use.
  • Lightweight and Mobile – Innovatively designed, our collapsible hose is extremely lightweight, while still durable – the best expandable garden hose you can find!
  • Compact Storage – You don’t need to spend time trying to fit your rubber garden hose into a space that’s too small and you don’t have to leave it on the floor, stuffed in a corner, either! When you’re done using this expandable garden hose, it will shrink back into a compact size, making it easy to store away neatly.
  • Top Notch Quality – Triple reinforcement of the inner hose deems this expandable hose superior to any other. The water flows through a hollow middle surrounded by triple layers which are 2.5mm thick. The diameter  of the expandable hose’s hollow part is 6mm while the combined diameter of the hollow part with the triple reinforcement surrounding it is 10mm. And it is all covered with a 5500D polyester weaving.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Morvat, we pride ourselves on always guaranteeing our customers satisfaction. We want every customer to be 100% confident with their expandable garden hose. Any issues? Simply contact us and we will do everything possible to resolve it for you.