LED Solar Path Lights for Outdoor Areas, White/Warm White, 8 Pack

Light up your yard with Morvat’s LED solar landscape lights, supplied in a pack of 8. Our solar path lights are energy efficient, easy to install and LED powered. Upgrade your garden and add a touch of class with our solar outdoor pathway lighting.

  • SOLAR POWERED – Morvat’s solar yard lights are sun powered and will recharge throughout the day, lighting up automatically at night.
  • EASY SETUP – The solar stake lights are easy and quick to set up, click the parts together and you’re done!
  • BRIGHTER – The solar path lights are brighter due to the LED light. These LED solar landscape lights come with a beautiful warm white/yellowish tint or a cool white tint.


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  • SOLAR POWERED – Morvat’s solar path lights are powered entirely through the sun’s energy. The batteries recharge themselves during the day, lighting up automatically at night. When you use these white or warm white/yellowish LED solar landscape lights, take pride knowing that you have done your bit to protect our planet.
  • EASY SETUP – The solar stake lights are quick and simple to install; just click the parts together and you’re done!
  • BRIGHTER – These are the best solar path lights because they are brighter thanks to the LED light. Morvat’s solar garden lights have a beautiful cool, white tint or warm white/yellowish tint, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor areas at night.
  • WATERPROOF – Our solar outdoor pathway lighting is waterproof and was designed for use outdoors, so you can rely on it not to get ruined whatever the weather.


Morvat’s LED Solar Landscape Lights

Morvat’s LED solar pathway lights are the ideal way to beautify and brighten up  your garden or yard. Imagine these beautiful, sleek solar path lights shining in your garden and imagine not having to stumble around in the dark any longer.

You can use our solar outdoor pathway lighting in a number of ways, such as:

  • lining driveways
  • surrounding paths
  • spotlighting your flowerbeds.

1 box contains 8 solar path lights.

Solar Path Lights Features:

Premium Quality and Durability

The body of the solar garden lights are made out of heavy duty stainless steel, while the lenses are made of hard plastic, resulting in long-lasting solar path lights. You don’t need to worry about dirt, rain or other elements as these solar yard lights are water resistant and the best solar path lights for the outdoors.

Modern and Sleek Design

Update and enhance your outdoor spaces with Morvat’s solar path lights.They will brighten your landscaping and transform your walkway and yard. Upgrade your outdoor areas from boring to beautiful with our contemporary solar landscape lighting.

Easy Installation 

No wires equals easy and hassle-free installation of these solar stake lights. Simply insert the stake of the solar path light into the ground and it will charge itself using the sun’s energy. We’ve made it simple for you to set up and use these solar garden lights so you can easily enjoy the benefits of a lit up yard and won’t need to stumble around in the dark anymore.


  • Material: Hard plastic and stainless steel
  • Power: 0.3W/2V
  • Source: 1 * SMD LED cool white or warm white/ yellowish light
  • Battery: 1 * 900Ah Ni-Mh AA  battery
  • Included: 8 lights/box

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Morvat, we pride ourselves on always guaranteeing our customers satisfaction. We want every customer to be 100% confident with their LED solar landscape lights. Any issues? Simply contact us and we will do everything possible to resolve it for you.

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White, Warm White Yellowish