Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator with Digital Timer, includes 10 Stainless Steel Trays

Preserve seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables with this stainless steel food dehydrator. Just cut up any fruit, vegetable, or meat, season, set the timer, and let the food dryer machine do the work. The large size means that you can get more dehydrating done in each batch. Start dehydrating your own foods today.

DEHYDRATE IT – The Morvat beef jerky dehydrator can really do it all. Make beef jerky, fruit leathers, dried fruit and vegetables. The options are endless with this easy to use dehydrator!|10 STAINLESS STEEL DEHYDRATOR TRAYS – With 10 large stainless steel trays to fill, you can get more dehydrating done with each batch!|SAFETY FIRST FOOD MAKER- The added safety features on the Morvat fruit/ meat/ vegetable dryer make it a safe and smart choice. The glass window allows you to check on the progress of your food without opening the door; the swing door has an extra latch for safety while in use and the extra power safety switch in the back ensures that it can’t be turned on with just the front switch.|ETL CERTIFIED – The Morvat beef jerky maker is ETL certified, which means it meets the highest industry standards and is the ultimate choice for food dehydration!|100% MONEY BACK- Backed by Morvat’s One Year Warranty. If there are any issues please reach out to us so we can resolve it immediately.


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– DEHYDRATE ANYTHING – The Morvat Food Dehydrator can do it all. Use it to make beef jerky,dried fruit, fruit leathers, vegetables, and more. The options are limitless and it couldn’t be more straightforward with this easy-to-use dehydrator.
– 10 STAINLESS STEEL TRAYS – The jerky and fruit dehydrator comes with 10 large stainless steel trays you can fill, giving you lots of room to get more dehydrating done in each batch.
– SAFETY FIRST – The added safety features on Morvat’s food Dehydrator machine make it a smart and safe choice. There is a glass window that allows you to check on your food without having to open the door while the heat is on and the swinging door has an extra safety latch while the machine is in use. The extra power safety switch on the back ensures that this stainless steel dehydrator can’t be turned on by mistake.
– ETL CERTIFIED – The food dehydrator with stainless steel trays is ETL certified, meaning that it meets the highest industry standards there are, making it the best food dehydrator option for you.