Rock Design Solar Ground Lights: LED Lights- Grey/ Brown

Give your yard some extra love with Morvat’s outdoor solar ground lights. Install them easily under direct sunlight and enjoy watching your yard light up with a charming and rustic glow every evening.

Product highlights

  • LIGHT UP YOUR GARDEN – Light up your yard and walkway with these gorgeous LED solar ground lights making it easier and safer at night.
  • SOLAR POWERED – These in-ground landscape lights don’t need batteries or to be charged as they are 100% solar powered.


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  • LIGHT UP YOUR GARDEN – Light up your garden, yard, and walkway with these stunning LED solar outdoor ground lights. The lights will create an enchanting atmosphere and also make it easier and safer to maneuver at night.
  • SOLAR POWERED – These in ground pathway lights do not need batteries or to be charged- they are powered by 100% solar energy. Simply ensure that they are directly exposed to  sunlight throughout the day and they will light up automatically at night.
  • LED LIGHTS – The Morvat outdoor stone lights use LED lighting for the brightest lighting possible. The LEDs are strong and give off the most brilliant shine. The best part is that the bulbs won’t ever need to be changed. Extremely bright and extremely convenient.
  • WATERPROOF – The led ground lights for your garden are weather and waterproof. They are specially designed for outdoor use and are tightly sealed, so that you can leave them out, in any weather.


Morvat Rock Path Lights

Morvat solar ground lights are the best choice for your landscape lighting. These beautiful lights will light up your yard and walkway with a charming and delicate glow over everything. They will look beautiful everywhere, around the edge of your yard, along your pathway, in your garden, and even in and around your flower beds.


  • Powered by solar energy, these led ground lights for the outdoors won’t need to be plugged in or charged- ever. Simply place them directly under  sunlight throughout the day and they will be ready to go for the night.
  • These solar rock lights for a garden use high tech LED lights, which are the brightest lights there are. You won’t need to change another bulb ever again.
  • The outdoor stone lights are completely weatherproof. They can withstand snow, rain, etc. You can set up the in-ground pathway lights outside,worry free.
  • Rustic and charming, these lights give a rustic and charming design to your curbside appeal and add an alluring glow to any outdoor space.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Morvat, we pride ourselves on always guaranteeing our customers satisfaction. We want every customer to be 100% confident with their Stone Look LED Solar Ground Lights. Any issues? Simply contact us and we will do everything possible to resolve it for you.

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