Tri-Turf Golf Mat with Adjustable Tees & Golf Balls

The Morvat golf mat is perfect for practice outside in the sunshine, or indoors on a rainy day. Level up your driving skills with this set, which comes with everything you need for a successful practice session, including tees and golf balls. Use this golf turf mat for hours of fun and productive entertainment. 

Product Highlights

  • IMPROVE YOUR SWING – This is the ultimate way to perfect your swing. The golf driving mat comes with everything you will need to practice until it’s perfect.
  • BE VERSATILE – Practice on 3 different levels which imitate 3 common golf terrains, fairway, rough, and tight, for a realistic experience. 
  • DESIGNED TO LAST – This is one of the best golf mats on the market due to its thick rubber base which keeps it in place and maintains its integrity even after thousands of swings.


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  • IMPROVE YOUR SWING – This golf turf mat is the perfect way to perfect your golfing skills. The set includes: 1 golf hitting mat (three tiers)  25″ x 16”, golf training aids, 2 adjustable plastic tees, 5 wooden Tees , and 3 golf balls
  • PRACTICE ON EVERY KIND OF GROUND – With 3 different grass levels, you can use this golf practice mat to practice hitting from every lie. Sharpen your golfing skills by practicing on all the types of turf that can come up, on amateur and professional courses. With a fairway, rough and tight level, it’s easy to improve your game.
  • DESIGNED TO LAST – Don’t ruin your grass or floor. This is the best golf mat to practice worry-free as our mats are constructed to last thousands of swings without getting marked up or damaged. The thick rubber base also keeps it firmly in place during your practice session.
  • NO LIMITS – Don’t let weather or location keep you from playing when you want to. Bring the driving range wherever you go.  This golf mat is portable and easy to store with the ability to fold into a third of its original size.


The Best Golf Mat Set

Our portable golf hitting mat is the ultimate staple for golf lovers. With 3 different levels to practice on, you can improve your swing from any lie and be prepared to hit on any terrain. There will be no shot you won’t be prepared for. Additionally, each third of the golf driving mat is large enough to comfortably  swing, even with a club. Best of all, our mat will not leave any kind of residue on your clubs, despite this being a common problem when using artificial mats. 

Practice chipping, pitching and other techniques with the Golf Hitting Mat (25″ x 16″)  and the accompanying  accessories. The set includes golf training aids, 2 adjustable golf tees, 5 wooden tees, 3 golf balls, and a storage carry bag.

Ultra Practical & Portable

Don’t ruin your grass or floor!

Our golf hitting mats are made for home use and are therefore constructed to endure thousands of swings without becoming marked up or damaged. The mat has a thick rubber base to keep it in place during your most rigorous practice session so you don’t  have to worry about it sliding around. Even if you use an iron club, our mat will not shift or slide. It holds the given tees as well as any other tee that you would like to use. 

The golf practice mat is lightweight, portable and folds down to a third of its size. It also comes with a carry storage bag so that it can be stored easily.

Play On

Keep practicing, rain or shine. Simply set it up in the garage, basement, yard or patio and you are ready to play.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Morvat, we pride ourselves on always guaranteeing our customers satisfaction. We want every customer to be 100% confident with their tri-turf golf mat. Any issues? Simply contact us and we will do everything possible to resolve it for you!