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Bamboo Computer Monitor Desk Riser Stand with Mouse Pad

Bamboo Computer Monitor Desk Riser Stand with Mouse Pad

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Get ready to make your life a little easier and organized with Morvat’s Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser. Its many features are guaranteed to enhance your laptop/computer experience and make you glad you purchased it! Get rid of irritating neck pain and painful eye strain by lifting your monitor or laptop to your eye level! It’s amazing how such a simple solution could make such a big difference to your quality of life! And now you can organize your desk clutter with the riser’s many slots and places to put your bits and bobs. And it’s so versatile! Use it as a lap desk, a writing desk, or even a food tray for when you’re watching on the couch or in bed! Whatever you decide to do with it- we know you won’t be sorry you bought from Morvat!

Product Specifications:

Color: Natural Bamboo

Material: Bamboo

Assembly: Easy assembly (tools provided)

Overall Measure: 23.5 ” L X 12 ” W X 3.5” H

Mouse Pad" 7.75" x 9"
  • RISER: Don’t strain your neck and eyes anymore; elevate your monitor or laptop to eye level with Morvat’s bamboo monitor riser for a comfortable and strain-free viewing experience! Eliminate tension headaches and eye pressure once and for all!
  • ORGANIZE: Not only is the Morvat monitor riser great for raising your laptop or monitor up, it’s also a great way to get your space organized! With various slots for your phone, pens and pencils, paper clips, drink etc. there’s never been an easier way to have everything you need neatly in front of you. You can even use the space underneath the riser as extra storage space for papers or books!
  • DURABLE: In addition to being eco-friendly and great for the planet, the bamboo wood that the riser is made of is extremely durable and sturdy! With a weight capacity of up to 80 Lbs. you know that the Morvat riser is the right choice for lasting quality.
  • VERSATILE: The Morvat monitor riser can be used for so much more than just its intended purpose. You can use it as a writing surface, as a food tray or a place to put your printer. You can even remove the top board and use it as a lap desk! With so many great ways to use it-we know you’ll put it to good use!
  • STYLE: The Morvat Bamboo Monitor will look great in any space will its stylish wooden look and sleek minimalistic design. You won’t have to worry about it matching with your décor because the subtle but contemporary concept is sure to enhance any place it’s in!
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